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Epic Cardiovascular Services has many solutions available to make your lives easier. From our proprietary EMR built for perfusionists to the reporting and insights we unlock for our partner hospitals, we are the technology partner for cardiopulmonary teams throughout the U.S. We empower clinical teams with unmatched insights focused on patient safety and improved outcomes. Learn more about our software and data services available.

Perfusionist Software and Data Solutions

At Epic Cardiovascular Services, we are more than just a provider of solutions for clinical teams. As a trusted perfusion data and technology partner to our clients, we empower your team with unparalleled insights focused on patient safety and improved outcomes. Our proprietary EMR platform, designed specifically for perfusionists, is just one of the many tools we offer to help streamline your workflow. In addition, we unlock valuable reporting and data-driven insights for our partner hospitals, making us the go-to technology partner for cardiopulmonary teams across the United States.


Only EMR
built for perfusion.

OnCloud is an informatics and quality management system designed for clinical perfusionists. OnCloud manages all of the procedures commonly performed including Cardiopulmonary Bypass, Standby, Autotransfusion, Platelet Therapy, ECMO, and much more.

Cloud Based

No software is required to install. Your data is encrypted and stored with safety in mind.


OnCloud works on any device. You can access it from your desktop web browser, iPad, tablet, or mobile device.

For Perfusionists

OnCloud is designed for Perfusionists- by Perfusionists. We pay attention to your needs above all other systems.

All Procedures

OnCloud manages bypass, standby, autotransfusion, platelet therapy, ECMO, and more.

Detailed Charting

OnCloud can chart all procedure types to keep you current with industry and hospital requirements.

Quality Metrics

OnCloud collects numerous quality metrics and provides meaningful insight to our partners.


Perfusion Data Services

We provide insights previously unattainable. With numerous standard quality metrics and hundreds of data points collected and reported in real-time, our hospital partners take their programs to the next level. Our procedure tables, and overall data set is built upon many years of consistent data harvesting.

Each of our proprietary datasets are cultivated through validated software which ensures overall trust and usability of each of our tables.


Data On Demand

Epic has several native and proprietary software solutions (OnCloud, i-Pump) and we work hard to ensure these platforms can track and measure all of your quality and performance metrics.

We also ensure reports and analytics are available through various outputs including (but not limited to):

  • Downloadable E-Reports
  • Dashboards
  • Monthly Email reports
  • Bulk CSV & Excel
  • Integration to existing
  • EMRs
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