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ECMO Staffing
& Education

Epic Cardiovascular Services employs some of the industry’s most experienced perfusionists and ECMO Specialists that have practiced and expanded the effectiveness of ECMO and ECMO outcomes over the last several decades.

Our experienced team can participate in both long and short-term staffing solutions to complement your existing staff.

ECMO Transport

In addition to core ECMO staffing, the Epic Cardiovascular Services team can provide ECMO transport services as needed to support hospital partners.

ECMO Education

Epic Cardiovascular Services can support partners and their ECMO education needs. Whether you are running a nurse supported in-house ECMO program or have Epic Cardiovascular Services providing all your ECMO needs, our ECMO educators can customize training to fit the need to cover nurse staff who have not performed any ECMO monitoring to physician-to-physician trainings on latest practices. Most training is performed onsite at hospital facilities and at frequencies that make sense for the training goals of our partners.
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Collaborating Jointly

Proudly Supporting Research & Guidelines

Our team participates in and contributes to industry trade groups and organizations to ensure physicians, perfusionists, and other professionals in our industry are well informed and collaborative jointly.

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