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Receiving your own blood during a surgical procedure is not only comforting, it is generally accepted as being safer, less expensive and most of all more efficient at helping you recover than other methods–for both the patient and the healthcare facility. As one of the largest outsourced provider of Autotransfusion and Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) services, Epic Cardiovascular Services has earned the trust of dozens of hospitals and physicians’ groups. Epic Cardiovascular Services offers you experienced staff and technicians to accomplish our mission. To get you back into the swing of things. Efficiently.

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Patients' own blood is the safest blood supply around

  • Reduces or eliminates the need for donated blood transfusion
  • No risk of disease transmission (HIV, Hepatitis, etc..)
  • The process keeps the blood completely sealed so that there is no airborne exposure to the healthcare providers
  • The blood is not exposed, potentially alleviating concerns of religious groups opposed to transfusions
  • The cost is less than banked blood


During surgical procedures, bleeding occurs. Your surgeon needs to have a clear view of the surgery site. When the blood obstructs the view, it is eliminated via suction to allow greater visibility. In the past, the blood lost during surgery was thrown away. If your surgeon thought you needed blood replacement, you would receive donated blood. However, in keeping with the high standards of modern day surgical medicine, You can choose to receive your OWN blood or donated blood.

Autotransfusion: This may be a term unfamiliar to you, however, it is a simple and safe alternative to receiving donated blood. During your surgery we are able to collect and filter your blood, separate the components, wash the red blood cells and then return them to you at the point of care. This dramatically reduces, or can eliminate, the need for donated blood transfusions, thus eliminating the risk of infectious disease transmission and donor blood rejection.

Platelet Rich Plasma

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) helps “jumpstart” the healing process because it is a concentration of your own autologous (aw-tal’-o-gus) platelets, which have reservoirs filled with powerful “growth factors and healing agents”. To get the PRP we obtain a small amount of your blood (1-2 oz.), then separate and concentrate the platelets. Your surgeon then applies the concentration of platelets to your wound, surgical site, or injury site.

Clinical data has clearly shown that PRP acts as a bioactive bandage and jumpstarts the healing process. In many different surgical specialties, the data shows that PRP accelerates the healing process, slows or stops post operative oozing, reduces blood loss, accelerates bone regeneration, helps tendons and ligaments repair more quickly, reduces inflammation, and decreases post-op pain.

Bone Marrow Aspiration

The removal of a small amount of liquid bone marrow through a needle. The needle is placed through the top layer of bone, and a liquid sample containing bone marrow cells is obtained through the needle by sucking (aspirating) it into a syringe. The suction causes pain for a few moments. Bone marrow aspiration is done to diagnose and follow the progress of various conditions, including anemia and cancer, and to obtain marrow for transplantation.

MarrowCellution enables the clinician to aspirate several small volumes of concentrated marrow across a broad geography of marrow space.

MarrowCellution precisely repositions the aspiration system to a new location in the marrow after each mL collected, while also retaining clinicians’ desire for a single entry point. Its unique design draws marrow from the side ports while avoiding dilution with the peripheral blood that pools below the tip as the aspiration needle is withdrawn.

The proprietary device optimizes stem cells yields by minimizing peripheral blood contamination. Numerous studies have demonstrated that for large volume marrow aspirates for use in both orthopedics and oncology, a small amount of marrow aspirate per site is the optimal method to maximize the number of stem cells.

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