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Who We Are.

Headquartered in Fort Myers, FL, Epic Cardiovascular Services was founded more than 20 years ago. Over the years, the company has partnered with or acquired other like minded companies, and has most recently joined the Epic Staffing Group family of companies. 

Employing more than 220 perfusionists, ECMO specialists and autotransfusionists, our team can have significant impact on our industry. Our people have won or been nominated for many AmSECT national awards, teach in several perfusion programs, and represent perfusion interests on the boards of a number of professional societies.

We are the largest provider of temporary perfusion staffing in the country and operate the largest pediatric perfusion travel team available to hospitals across the nation.

Most importantly, we are always excited to hear your story and how we may be able to assist you in your career or as a possible hospital partner.

Epic Cardiovascular Services

We employ the most talented clinicians available

It all starts and ends with the quality of the individuals we hire to make it happen.

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We are proud to own and operate the largest perfusion community in the world.

Explore what our community team has built for you…

sanibel symposium

Sanibel Symposium

The Sanibel Symposium is a multidisciplinary cardiothoracic conference sponsored by Epic Cardiovascular Services. Key topics for this conference are Patient Safety, Minimally Invasive Surgery, Blood Management, Platelet Therapy and Perfusion Technology.

Our Leadership Team

patrick smith

Patrick Smith


Patrick is one of the few non-clinical leaders for Epic Cardiovascular Services. As an experienced executive, he has spent 25+ years driving revenue growth in the software and high tech sectors. He is responsible for the Epic Cardiovascular and Epic Oncology teams. He has called Lincoln, NE, home with his wife and three children for many years, but is headed to Florida, where Epic Specialty Staffing is headquartered.

Patrick Davis

Patrick Davis

CCP, Director of Clinical Operations - East

Originally from Crown Point, IN Patrick calls Naples, FL home. He graduated from Rush University in 2000 and has held various clinical and leadership roles in his career. Outside of his hospital partners or supporting his teams, you can find him boating, fishing, and enjoying everything associated with the water.

Ben Greenfield

CCP, Director of Recruitment

When not recruiting awesome people, Ben continues as a CCP, but spends most of his clinical time serving as an associate professor of perfusion at The University of Nebraska Medical Center. Ben’s hobbies include hunting, fishing, and singing and playing in a band (SyncopE). Ben is located in Lincoln, NE with his wife and two teenagers.
Matt Hansen

Matt Hansen

CCP, Director of Clinical Operations – West

Matt is a native of Kearney, NE and a 2014 graduate of the University of Nebraska Medical Center’s Perfusion Education program. He has been a perfusionist in Colorado since graduation and has held various clinical leadership roles. Outside of work, Matt enjoys hiking, running, golfing, woodworking, traveling and spending time with his wife and daughter.
Carla Maul

Carla Maul

CCP, Director of PRN Services

Carla has spent the past 25+ years as a clinical perfusionist. She has held positions with hospitals, industry manufacturers and staffing companies. She has served as a past President of AmSECT and has received the AmSECT Perfusionist of the Year. When she is not assisting hospital partners with staffing needs or launching ECMO programs, you can find her in New Orleans, LA spending time with way too many dogs, working on the Sanibel Symposium and perfecting her gumbo recipes.
Nathan Reeder

Nathan Reeder

CCP, Director of Clinical Operations – Midwest

Nathan has spent his career in perfusion in the Midwest. Originally from Shelton, NE, he attended the University of Iowa and graduated from the Perfusion Technology Program. Nathan joined the team in 2011 and has held various leadership positions. Outside of work, he enjoys golfing, spending time at the lake, traveling and spending time with family.
Elizabeth Reish

Elizabeth Reish

Director of Perioperative Blood Management

Elizabeth has been in Healthcare Leadership for over 19 years, and in many other industries as a business leader prior to my years in healthcare. My collaborative skills have fueled my ability to inspire teams, build consensus, and serve as a trusted advisor to Boards.
Peter Zuck

Peter Zuck

CCP Emeritus, Director of Credentialing

Peter was born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri and graduated with a BA from Washington University with a major in architectural design. He received his RN from Barnes Hospital, part of the Washington University Medical Center, where he worked in open heart surgery as a scrub and circulating nurse before perfusion school. He graduated from the Texas Heart Institute with a BS in perfusion technology and has worked in Southwest Florida as a perfusionist until he moved to CCP Emeritus after 33 years in the field.

Our core values

It’s not just about what we do, but how we do it.

True engagement resides in our core values, and have become what we reflect to our people and the outside world, how we attract talent, and has united us on a mission that’s much bigger than what we do.

Your partner in all things perfusion and blood management.

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