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Supply Chain

As hospitals look to cut costs and do more with existing resources, the Epic Cardiovascular Services team has you covered. We specialize primarily in cardiopulmonary bypass-related products, including heart-lung machines, hypothermia units, autotransfusion machines, IABP’s, coagulation testing devices, and related accessories. Our direct experience with clinical perfusion services allows us to provide a level of support that is unmatched in the industry. In addition to leveraging our expansive buying power, we offer the ability to procure and service ALL of your perfusion-related equipment from one experienced partner. From purchasing or leasing new or used equipment to managing your inventory, we can help.
operating room supply chain management

Equipment & Disposables

We offer several high-end perfusion equipment options for all your needs and have partnered with the world’s leading manufacturers to do so. We enjoy long-standing relationships with companies like Liva Nova, Medtronic, Sorin, and other leaders to aggregate all of your purchasing needs in one partner…Epic Cardiovascular Services.

Capital Equipment Purchases

Whether you are launching a brand new heart program, expanding your existing practice, or simply upgrading all of your equipment, our team has you covered. Let us learn what you are looking to accomplish. We are confident we can help.

  • Accessories
  • Autotransfusion Systems
  • Blood Pumps
  • Circuit Components
  • Coagulation Testing Devices
  • Heart-Lung Systems
  • Heater / Coolers
  • Intra-Aortic Balloon Pumps

Lease or Buy

We understand capital budgets can vary from year to year or that hospitals have preferences on how to acquire equipment. The Epic Cardiovascular Services team is happy to provide a solution that works for our partner hospitals. In addition to competitive pricing, we are happy to offer simple leasing options for outright purchases.


If you need help assessing which capital equipment you need, as well as which purchase options will fit your preferences and budget, contact our team and explore how we can assist.

Disposable Purchases

All hospitals purchase disposables. We offer several options to make your disposable purchase experience better. Regardless if it is a standard pack or a custom pack, our partners enjoy our purchasing volume for competitive pricing and possible savings.
operating room disposables

Manage Inventory

For hospitals that prefer to keep plenty of supplies on hand and eliminate over or under-supply risk, Epic Cardiovascular Services provides a consignment package. As your consignment partner, we provide the following on behalf of your team:

  • Identify and stock all needed disposable perfusion products
  • Track and reconcile inventory every month
  • Maintain predetermined minimum product levels on hand
  • Provide detailed usage reports
Your partner in all things perfusion and blood management.

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