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Celebrating National Perfusion Week 2023 with Epic Cardiovascular Services

National Perfusion Week 2023 with Epic Cardiovascular Services

National Perfusion Week 2023 is an annual event to recognize perfusionists’ crucial role in the medical field, and Epic Cardiovascular Services, formerly known as PDC Staffing, proudly joined in on the celebration! Perfusionists work hard to ensure optimal patient outcomes during surgeries and other cardiovascular procedures requiring temporary life support. At Epic Cardiovascular Services, we were thrilled to honor and commemorate our amazing perfusionists, who work tirelessly to provide patients with the best possible care. 

A Letter from Epic Cardiovascular Services

On behalf of all of the people you impact and the medical community who rely on your expertise, we would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude to you as we celebrate Perfusion Appreciation Week. 

Your work as perfusionists, perfusion assistants, autotransfusionists, and ECMO specialists is absolutely critical to successful cardiovascular programs. Your skill and dedication have made life-impactful improvements to the health outcomes of so many patients. 

Thank you to ALL of the clinical teams across the globe for all that you do for our industry.  

A special thanks to the Epic Cardiovascular Services team and what you do for our hospital partners throughout the US. 

-Patrick Smith,  Epic Cardiovascular Services President

Celebrating with Epic Cardiovascular Services

Epic Cardiovascular Services made National Perfusion Week 2023 truly memorable for our exceptional perfusionists. We kicked off the celebrations with a fantastic Taco Tuesday, filled with delicious food and joyful camaraderie. As a token of our appreciation, we gifted our perfusionists exclusive swag and Nike gift cards to design their custom shoes. It was a pleasure to express our gratitude to our outstanding team for all their hard work during this special week.

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