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ECMO Coordinator

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Epic Cardiovascular has an exciting opportunity for an ECMO trained perfusionist or other Advanced Practice Professional!

The ECLS Coordinator provides clinical and administrative guidance to the ECLS Department. The management of the ECLS Department includes 24-hour accountability and authority for maintaining a quality program customary to Epic Cardiovascular policies. The ECLS Coordinator acts as a liaison between Epic Cardiovascular Services and the client hospital. A comprehensive understanding of the philosophies and goals of the ECLS Department and Epic Cardiovascular are fundamental for suitable implementation. Evident managerial experience and skills are necessary, with an enthusiastic approach to the position. Leadership qualities are important but recognizing and using the potential of ECLS specialists is significant in daily activities. Periodic assessments of personnel to recognize their potential is beneficial for furthering personal and company-wide goals. The assessment process will also identify opportunities for the staff members’ professional growth.

The ECLS Coordinator will be responsible for the following managerial functions:

A.   Oversees policy and procedure (P&P) formation.

B.    Oversees compliance, review, and performance of annual update of the P&P.

C.    Provides oversight for Data Management Program.

D.   Oversees compliance with monthly and quarterly CQI responsibilities.

E.    Oversees the departmental monthly meeting.

F.    Employee appraisals and Competency Reviews.

G.   Generation of reports, memos, budget, and inventory requirements.

H.   Assures stable, daily operation of department functions.

I.      Provides in-service training to the client hospital.

J.     Assists staff members in formation of in-service topics as well as the delivery of these topics.

K.   Provides clinical and non-clinical guidance for less experienced perfusionists.

L.    Forwards appropriate questions to the Director of Operations for their region.

M.  While executing his/her duties in the surgical area, he/she will be under the direction of the primary surgeon.

The clinical duties of the ECLS Coordinator include, but are not limited to:

1.     Operates the extracorporeal circuit, pump, and related equipment.

2.     Manages the ongoing process of healthcare delivery to patients and families per institutional policies.

3.     Participates in patient rounds and possibly making suggestions to the Physician and ECLS team after assessing patient responses to ECLS therapy.

4.     Reviews laboratory and blood gas results and treats within defined protocols prescribed by physician in charge.

5.     Circuit adjustments including pump flow, gas exchange, hemofiltration, anticoagulation therapy, or other to maintain patient within limitations set by ECLS physician.

6.     Troubleshoots the ECLS circuit and make replacements of circuit components as indicated and potentially in the presence of the institutional Perfusionists and Physicians.

7.     May assist in data collection and research activities associated with the institution or Epic.

8.     Attends ongoing classes of specific institution and/or Epic as related to ECLS services.

Specific and ancillary clinical responsibilities of the ECLS Coordinator:

1.     Accurately assess pathophysiological changes within the patient during bypass.

2.     Manages ECMO flow in relationship to patient management parameters

3.     Performs all technical skills with efficiency, accuracy, safety, and in accordance with institutional and Epic policy and procedures.

4.     Operates all equipment according to policy and procedure: differentiate patient vs. patient problems and intervene appropriately.

5.     Implements standing physician orders within established guidelines

6.     Anticipates, intervenes, and manages crisis/emergency situations according to policy and procedure; maintains professional composure.

7.     Demonstrates effective assessment of the ECLS circuit.

8.     Performs, manages, and troubleshoots anticoagulation per institutional protocol.

9.     Demonstrates proper blood sampling techniques from the ECLS circuit.

10.  Documents appropriately on all ECMO records including OnCloud EMR.

11.  Demonstrates administration of all blood products into the ECLS circuit

12.  Manages laboratory results and performs appropriate interventions as related by ECLS therapy.

13.  Assesses clinical status of the patient, including vital signs and discuss possible intervention.

14.  Provides feedback for improved patient outcomes to other care providers

15.  Assimilates information and then provides documentation of the interventions that provide the chosen integrated plan of care.

16.  Anticipates and communicates patient needs that will require intervention by other members of the care team.

17.  Anticipates learning needs for patients/families/ and staff.

18.  Assists others in defining learning outcomes and appropriate interventions.

19.  Uses innovation in individualizing patient/family teaching to the individual patient/family needs.

20.  Participates during patient management discussions and suggests clinical management options during discussions.

21.  Maintains qualification licensure as per those licensure requirements.

22.  Maintains communication within institutional and Epic standards and policies for delivery of ECLS care.

23.  Maintains competencies in current topics of ECLS through institutional journals, Internet, and networking with care providers of similar nature.

24.  Punctuality, professional respect for all other team members, and professional behavior must be maintained at all times.

Personal demands on the ECLS Coordinator include:

1.     Participate in “on-call” scheduling, which is provided 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

2.     Must wear a pager or cell phone during “on-call” times and be available to respond within the designated call response time of the hospital.

3.     Must be in good physical condition.

4.     Must be able to endure long hours, both mentally and physically

5.     Physical requirements include standing for long periods of time, lifting, stooping, sitting, stretching, and other bodily demands for extended intervals.

6.     Exposure to noxious gases and bodily fluids with risk of infections and diseases.

7.     Remain current on present ECLS technology procedures, techniques, and literature.

8.     Establish and maintain a professional demeanor.

9.     Re-enforce the integrity of Epic Cardiovascular Staffing.

10.  When directed, serve in supportive capacity for all clinical accounts relative to vacation relief, sick leave, and temporary staffing.

A.   Certified Clinical Perfusionist, Registered Nurse or Registered Respiratory Therapist licensed in the state of employment.

B.    Minimum of two (2) years intensive care or related experience.

C.    Satisfactory completion of an ECLS Training Course.

D.   Satisfactory completion of the Epic Cardiovascular clinical assessment examination.

E.    A minimum of 60 hours of Clinical Pump time.

F.    Full understanding of circuit components utilized for the service of a particular ECLS center.

G.   The ability to remain calm under pressure and a mechanical inclination is preferred.

H. Candidate must relocate to Washington, DC, or the surrounding area

Serious inquires only please.

Epic Cardiovascular Services Benefits:

  • Competitive salaries
  • Relocation reimbursement
  • Paid vacation
  • 401K plan with company match
  • Incentives and bonuses for travel and additional opportunities
  • Health insurance
  • Dental insurance
  • Vision insurance
  • Life insurance w/ voluntary life option
  • Short-term and long-term disability insurance
  • Professional liability insurance
  • Business Travel Accident Insurance


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